Activities 2009

13 Feb 2009

What I am doing in 2009

My primary research interests are the relations between the social and communication media. For the time being I work with how organizations cope with new media, and how digital network media influence on educational interaction. Theoretically I use sociological systems theory and medium theory.

I am also organizing a conference in December in Aarhus 2009 about Luhmann and the media and a special issue of the journal mediekultur about the same topic in 2010.

In august I published a book about Habermas and Luhmann with graphics by the danish artisk Rasmus Svarre. Its in Danish and is called ‘Samfundets vilkår

I am also preparing an article about Luhmanns theory and organizational power to an antology called: Luhmann og Magt.

In this relation I am going to present a paper on new media and organizational power at the sociocybernetic conference in Urbino in June, and a paper on digital network media in regard to power in educational interaction at the Mediacom conference in Karlstad in August. Again see my publications.